Vitamin Supplementation For Your Health

It seems that every day we hear from different advertisements and news all the latest health fads that are going around in the society. Today the society is turning all its attention to various nutritional supplements and their effect on the body health. Minerals and vitamins that are taken as supplements could play a crucial role in keeping optimum wellness as well as in the prevention if some diseases. Some of the advantages of the vitamin supplements are the following:

  • improving the body’s ability to fight against heart diseases
  • reducing the risk of the cancer
  • improving the immune system
  • alleviating mood disorders
  • inducing weight loss
  • improving memory and performance and many others.

Today there are some theories that are going on that advocates the intake if extremely high doses of vitamins to further enhance their effects in human body. For sure there are some advantages in taking some vitamins in high doses, but at the same time there are vitamins which could harm you when taking in high doses. It is necessary to be very careful about what the safest maximum doses for each vitamin.

– Vitamin A

This vitamin is fat soluble one and plays important role in the promotion of healthy vision, optimum immune system performance and normal cell growth. You have to take this vitamin with some care – it is not recommended to take more than 10,000 IU a day which is two times the recommended daily allowance for adult.

– Vitamin B6

This vitamin is water soluble and is needed for some cellular functions like oxygen delivery, protein metabolism and blood glucose regulation. You do not have to take vitamin B6 in excess of 100 mg per day because it could cause some damages to nerves and other very dangerous effects.

– Vitamin B12

This vitamin has quite low level of toxicity and is well tolerated by the human body, however, it is still recommended to take not more than 3000 mcg per day. This vitamin is vital in the production of healthy nerve cells red blood cells in the body. as well it plays a crucial role in the creation of human DNA.

– Folic acid

This acid also plays an important role in the development of the human DNA, but at the same time it is needed for the metabolism of certain amino acids. Especially it is needed for pregnant women because it is necessary to the healthy development of the offspring. It has low level of toxicity, but still it is not recommended to take more than 1000 mcg per day for adult.

Before purchasing any supplements, it is better to consult with your doctor about what is better for your body.

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