Why Vitamins are Important to Your Health

Today it seems as there is tons of information in the media about how we have developed bad eating habits. A lot of people suggest that taking some vitamin supplements is a wise idea in order to prevent the development of different health conditions. Thus, it is needed to take a look at some of the main reasons why vitamin supplements are highly recommended, so that you will be able to decide if supplementing your diet is something you have to consider.

First of all, it is necessary to start from the fact that our modern style of life is bad for us. Such habits as drinking or smoking could be changed, but even the air we breathe every day could contain some toxins that affect our health. The main problem is that by the time we really understand our bad habits are destroying our health it is too late to do a lot about it. Vitamin supplements could just do some repair work. But still, vitamin C could have a positive counter effect to such habits as drinking and smoking. Unfortunately, it is just a short term repair – the best way to boost your health and style of life is to make some changes, but not just rely on taking vitamin supplements.

Women have some specific health needs that could also benefit from taking some vitamin supplements. Traditionally, it includes birth defects and osteoporosis. Some month before you plan to get pregnant, it is considered to be a great idea to start taking folic acid supplements as it has been proven that lack of folic acid is responsible for such birth defects as anencephaly and spina bifida. It is necessary to continue the supplement through the early trimesters. As well calcium is highly recommended for women as it is able to help to build strong bones and teeth. When women get older, the risk of osteoporosis increases incredibly. Such factors as hormonal changes, lack of calcium or lack of exercises help to contribute. By taking some calcium supplements in the younger years, you are able to reduce this risk.

Your arteries as well could benefit from vitamin E supplements. According to some studies, vitamin E is able to protect you against cardiovascular problems including heart attacks. As well according to studies taking vitamin E on a constant basis could improve your cardiovascular risk profile by up to 45 per cent.

Vitamin E is also quite advantageous in preventing some types of cancer. The same could be said about vitamin A. vitamin A is able to reduce the risk of skin cancer as well as it lowers the risk of oral cancer. People suffering from the lack of vitamin E are more likely to develop cancer of any type.

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